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sábado, 24 de fevereiro de 2018

Para começar bem a semana

Lembram-se de vos ter contado que andava a preparar novidades para o blog? Pois é a partir de 2ª feira está de volta mais uma edição de Blogger Of The Week , podem espreitar as edições anteriores aqui , desta vez decidi fazer as coisas um pouco diferentes e dar destaque a blogs que vão para alem da moda.
Espero que gostem.

segunda-feira, 21 de maio de 2012

Blogger Of The Week

Chegou ao fim mais uma edição da Blogger Of The Week e o balanço não podia ser mais positivo! Quero agradecer a todas as bloggers que aceitaram participar neste desafio, foram todas fantásticas!!!
Other edition of Blogger Of The Week ended  the balance could not be more positive!! I want to thank all the bloggers who agreed to participate in this challenge,  YOU were all fantastic!!!

Soraia Abreu of Classy Mode
Elizabeth Myers Of Epitome of Chic
Sabina Botica of I Shopped 'Till I Dropped! 
Filipa Costa Of Fi-fashion&imagination 
Cara McLeay Of  A Fashion Love Affair 
Tânia Valadas of Golden Stripes
Christina of The Style Mogul 
Margarida Mineiro of Silky Eye
Nicole Gebhardt  of la tiquismiquis.
Audrey Berkley  of Casual Glamorous 
Quero ainda agradecer ás minhas leitoras maravilhosas pela quantidade de feedback positivo que me fizeram chegar! Muito obrigada!!!

 I also want to thank my readers for the wonderful amount of positive feedback i got ! Thank you !

segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012

Blogger Of The Week : Audrey Berkley Of Casual Glamorous

What inspired you to create your blog ?
Other bloggers actually inspired me to start my own blog!

How do you describe your style. What are your sources of inspiration?
I would describe my style as feminine, classic and edgy.  I love street style fashion and that's a huge source of inspiration for me.

What is the best and worst  part of having a blog ?
Best part: being able to channel my creative side and love for fashion.  I've also met so many amazing women/girls out there thanks to blogging.  Worst part: There really is no worst part.  I just wish I had time to post everyday of the week!

Do you feel that your blog has changed your life in any way ?

My blog has definitely changed my life.  It first started out as a fun past time but has now turned into a true passion project and I can't wait to see what's in store for the future.  I also look forward to meeting more amazing bloggers and developing new friendships that wouldn't even be possible if it wasn't for having a blog!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about creating or already has a blog?
Have fun with it and write what you are passionate about!  Be real and stay true to who you are!

When you're not writing your blog what do you like to do?
When I'm not writing my blog I love being at home with husband.  I'm a huge animal lover and do a lot for animal charities.  I've started to experiment more in the kitchen so cooking has also become a fairly new hobby of mine.  I also love being's hard to not to when you live in Los Angeles and the sun is constantly shining :-)  Oh, and shopping of course!

  Casual Glamorous

Take A Peek Inside Audrey Awesome Closet

segunda-feira, 7 de maio de 2012

Blogger Of The Week :Nicole Gebhardt Of La Tiquismiquis

What inspired you to create your blog ?
I am reading fashion magazines for ages now – not because of their way of journalism, more because of all those beautiful pictures of stylish people: actresses, models or just people who are in the magazine without being good in something. I love to see how they get dressed up, what they are
wearing and how they combine things. Of course, most of them can „work“ with a very high budget and wear designer clothes, so the most interesting part of the magazine was always stuff like „The look of … “ or „What they are wearing in Paris“. Real style, created on their own, on real human
beings, who probably have similar problems with money or parts of their bodies that are not 100% perfect. Without knowing exactly when, I realized that there is a lot more of what I like most in the internet. I started reading streetstyle blogs, or more staring at the incredible pictures, got interested in the little stories of bloggers, the reasons why they are how they are and why they are dressed like that. Normally „passion“ is not my favorite word according to the big world of fashion (of course you all know bloggers who describe themselves as „blogger with passion for fashion“ :) ), but I wanted to describe and explain my way of dressing, choosing clothes or adding something special so badly that I needed a platform for that. And here it is.

How do you describe your style. What are your sources of inspiration?
Like I mentioned before my addiction to fashion magazines, blogs and staring at good looking
people on the street helps a bit. ;) Hm, how I would describe my style. Defining it is definitely not possible. So I would say that it is nothing special or extravagant. It is always about one or two pieces I am in love with. These daysI am absolutely obsessed about my leather jacket – too happy that I finally can wear it again. Last week at Mango I found a gorgeous pair of pink sunglasses. If I would not be afraid of being boring,those sunnies would definitely be on my nose every day. Checking the things in my wardrobe I always find clothes which play the supporting role in my outfit film.

What is the best and worst part of having a blog ?
I start with the worst part: pressure. I don´t know if you know that feeling when you are a active
blogger, but the pressure comes from inside and forces you to think things like “Oh no, 5 days
without posting”, “Why is this reader writing me really mean things?”, “Is my style stylish
enough?” or “why I am not that successful after two years of blogging?”. Really bad things, but if
you once started to open your heart and your wardrobe, your blog is like your little baby and if not
everything is going so well, it hurts. ;)
But I am convinced that blogging is definitely more positive! You get a lot of nice words and
comments of people all over the world, you maybe try something new, you get advice of your
readers when you are not 100% sure about something, you are part of a mostly very friendly
community and get to know a lot of great people. Exploring new blogs is a wonderful part, too.

Do you feel that your blog change your life in any way ?
Of course! I am getting more and more confident according to my clothes and the things I like. I am
sure you know the feeling that you are afraid of people staring at you on the street (at least here in
Germany it is like that in a few little cities or villages). I never could understand it, but the positive
reactions and nice words of readers definitely help to do not care about others and wear and do what
you want. Blogging makes me happy somehow.

What advise would you give to someone who is thinking about creating or already has a blog?
Probably I am not in the position to give advice how to become very successful and live Chiara
Ferragni´s life, but maybe I know a bit how to write a very personal blog which is really you.
First of all you should be yourself and not following trends like Jeffrey Campbell heels, Cambridge
Satchels or what ever. Think about who you are and what makes you special – then write about that.
I think the writing part came off more and more badly in the last time. For me reading the blogger´s
ideas, inspiration or feelings is one of the most interesting parts you can find on a blog. Of course,
there are many readers who just look for the pictures, but I am sure that there are a lot of people
who want to know you, how you are and why you are doing what you are doing. Stay in contact to
your readers, answer comments and emails, be active in social platforms and also visit other blogs
(maybe you find a special one which inspires you?).
What else? Of course, a good camera is important, but above all the pictures should be clear, natural
and without too much junk.

When your not writing your blog what do you like to do ? 
At the moment I live in a pretty small town in Bavaria, Germany, and this year I am going to write my thesis in Political Science and Spanish Philology. After that? Who knows? I would like to live in Spain again and then maybe study something else in my favorite town Hamburg. We´ll see... Next to university I am hanging out with my boyfriend, I love to drink coffee, I am reading, blogging of course, learning languages, traveling, taking pictures, and working in an archive in my institute.

la tiquismiquis.

segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2012

Blogger Of The Week : Margarida Mineiro Of Silky Eye

O que te inspirou/motivou a criar o blog ?
Sempre tive um enorme fascínio pelo mundo da moda e desde há muito tempo que grande parte do meu dia era passado a ver blogs de moda e à procura de tendências e de novas notícias. A informação era imensa e a vontade de criar um blog só meu, onde pudesse partilhar os meus gostos e dar a conhecer as notícias que ia "absorvendo deste mundo", era cada vez maior.  Só precisava de um empurrãozinho, que foi dado na altura certa. Posso dizer que foi das melhores decisões que tomei!

Como descreves o teu estilo. Quais são as tuas fontes de inspiração ?
Não sei se consigo definir o meu estilo. Visto-me da forma que me sinto melhor e consoante o estado de espírito. Acima de tudo, é um estilo feminino, a par das tendências mas mantendo a minha própria imagem e gosto. Não sou totalmente trend addicted, acho que é importante uma pessoa manter a sua personalidade e ser fiel a si mesma.
Inspiro-me principalmente em blogs, imagens de street style (que procuro constantemente) e em algumas das minhas fashion icons preferidas, como é o caso da Joanna Hillman, Olivia Palermo, Carine Roitfeld, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Miroslava Duma... - uma lista infindável de pessoas que me inspiram constantemente com o seu estilo! Adoro apreciar todos os detalhes, seja em revistas, blogs ou na rua, e tentar reproduzi-los à minha maneira.

O que é para ti o melhor e o pior de ter um blog ?
A partir do momento em que retiramos prazer do que fazemos, não creio que exista algo mau em ter um blog. É algo que me dá imenso prazer e dou por mim diversas vezes a absorver detalhes que vejo nas ruas ou a pensar em novas ideias para looks e posts. O blog tornou-se parte do meu dia-a-dia e, neste momento, não me imagino sem ele. Se não fosse assim, e se não gostasse realmente de o fazer, então não faria sentido continuar. A parte boa é, de facto, esta satisfação imensa que se retira de dar a conhecer as novidades, e de sentir que o blog é uma fonte de inspiração para diversas pessoas.

Achas que o blog mudou a tua vida ?
Sem dúvida! Hoje, estou muito mais atenta ao que me rodeia pois até o mais simples detalhe pode servir de inspiração para fazer um novo post. De certa forma, o blog é o "meu bébé", há sempre uma parte do dia que gira à sua volta, e quando me vejo impossibilitada de postar sinto que estou a falhar para comigo mesma.

Que conselho darias a quem está a pensar em criar um blog ou que até já tem um blog ?
É verdade que dá imenso trabalho, e que para sermos reconhecidos temos de nos empenhar ao máximo e tentar não falhar. Mas acima de tudo, é algo que nos preenche e é tão bom sentir uma enorme satisfação quando há reciprocidade por parte de todos os leitores e seguidores do blog, que nos visitam diariamente e gostam do que fazemos. Acima de tudo, não devem desistir, mesmo quando estão em baixo e se sentem sem imaginação... Nessas alturas não vale a pena forçar, de certeza que daí a umas horas vão entrar em força outra vez!

 Quando não estás a escrever o blog o que gostas de fazer ?
Quando não estou a escrever o blog, adoro ver outros blogs, ver séries, ir ao cinema, ao ginásio... Adoro fazer compras eheh (plead guilty!:P) e, acima de tudo, estar com os amigos, rir muito e aproveitar a vida ao máximo!

segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012

Blogger Of The Week : Christina of The Style Mogul

What inspired you to create your blog ? 
 I've always been told that I have a great sense of style and the way I put outfits together blows people's mind away.  One day I was describing my love for fashion and someone gave me the idea to start showcasing my outfits on a blog!

How do you describe your style. What are your sources of inspiration?
Classic with edge! Or just plain edgy! I love taking classic pieces and adding a twist to them. Some days I feel like busting out and being completely different! There isn’t exactly one person that influences my style sense.  My style sense comes mainly from what’s current & what’s hot! I watch a lot of Fashion Television with Jeanne Beker, knowing the trends and colors that are current for the season does help! Sometimes just by starring at my closet I am able to visually pair items together.

What is the best and worst  part of having a blog ?
The best part of having a blog is I can share with the world my fashion sense and style and give other inspiration as well! It also makes me become more creative when pairing my outfits.
The worst part is wanting to blog every minute of every day! I wish I could make this my full time money making job!

Do you feel that your blog change your life in any way ?
No - it proved to me it is something I love doing and will continue working every day on it trying to reach new goals.

What advise would you give to someone who is thinking about creating or already has a blog?
Hard work pays off! Try an keep blogging every day or every other day to keep those readers intrigued and blog about stuff you love - there's nothing worse than reading blogs where the people are being forced to write about something they're not that into!

When your not writing your blog what do you like to do ? 
On my very few moments free I love browsing through other blogs to gain more inspiration, shop (obviously), cook & bake, and definitely relax and let loose!
The Style Mogul

segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

Blogger Of The Week : Tânia Valadas of Golden Stripes

O que te inspirou/motivou a criar o blog ?
Como frequente leitora de blogs, houve um certo momento em que eu própria senti a necessidade de ter um espaço meu. Onde também eu pudesse mostrar aos outros, aquilo que me apaixonava, os meus gostos pessoais, a minha maneira de ver as coisas.

Como descreves o teu estilo. Quais são as tuas fontes de inspiração ?
Tenho um estilo bastante diversificado, opto sempre por básicos fortes e daí acrescento peças diferentes e que vão ao encontro do meu gosto. A minha maior fonte de inspiração são as revistas e com o crescimento actual da blogosfera começo também a inspirar-me com alguns blogs que sigo.

O que é para ti o melhor e o pior de ter um blog ?
Sem dúvida que o melhor de ter um blog é todo o contacto com as pessoas, adoro ler os comentários e e-mails que me enviam. Ouvir as suas opiniões, poder esclarecer dúvidas e até mesmo receber um feedback positivo por parte de alguém, sabe sempre bem. A parte menos positiva é sem dúvida o tempo despendido. Criar outfits, toda a componente da fotografia no exterior, a pesquisa de tendências. Tudo isso leva tempo e muitas vezes acabo por me privar de outras coisas. Mas se quero que o meu blog seja bom, é algo que sei que tenho de fazer.

Achas que o blog mudou a tua vida ?
Não mudou, mas sem dúvida que me sinto mais preenchida. É óptimo poder partilhar com outros, os nossos gostos, opiniões e até quem sabe, poder inspirar alguém.

Que conselho darias a quem está a pensar em criar um blog ou que até já tem um blog ?
Não faças um blog só porque é giro e está na moda. Um blog, para ser bom, requer tempo, paciência e dedicação. E infelizmente vê-se cada vez mais pessoas que criam um espaço apenas para obter fama ou regalias com isso.

Quando não estás a escrever o blog o que gostas de fazer ?
Sou uma pessoa muito dedicada às artes. Gosto de pintar, desenhar, ouvir boa música e claro, devorar filmes.

Golden Stripes